Rising Talent Cricket Association
Rising Talent Cricket Association


  • The Parents and or their Guardian agrees, that upon registration with the Rising Talent Cricket Association , that they acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of participation and registration, as detailed below. The Parents and or their Guardian agreesfurther confirm the information submitted within the application form, are to the best of their knowledge true and correct at the time of submission.

  • If a student misses any sessions through no fault of Rising Talent Cricket Association then no refund will be due. If it is the fault of Rising Talent Cricket Association then other sessions will be set up or a refund will be due.

  • Rising Talent Cricket Association will not be held liable for acts of God, fire, casualties, strikes or other events beyond their control.

  • Rising Talent Cricket Association accepts no responsibility for injuries, accidents or other incidents that may occur during training sessions.

  • Each training session should last for Two & a half hours depending on available facilities and the age of the children.

  • Parents and or students are responsible for bringing appropriate footwear; clothing, equipment such as cricket bats and protective materials to participate in the session, failure to do so may mean that the child cannot participate in the session.

  • Rising Talent Cricket Association will place the student in an appropriate group based on availability of spaces in existing sessions, age and ability of the child.

  • All payments should be made by on or before 5th of every month and there would be minimum monthly fees if student attend the academy for 4 or less than that in a month. More than 4 days there would be full monthly fees.

  • All bookings for courses/training session must be accompanied by payment of the appropriate course fee.

  • All courses, activities and venues are subject to change according to weather, programming and a satisfactory level of numbers.

  • We may cancel any course and or change any information given should this be necessary. If we have to cancel a course for whatever reason we will offer an alternative course (if available and suitable) or a full refund.

  • You must ensure that the student is physically fit and able to participate in the sporting activities.

  • In the event that the student needs medical attention during any course then, subject to any written notice from a parent or guardian to the contrary (which notice we must have received prior to the commencement of the relevant course), you agree to us arranging for any appropriate and necessary treatment.

  • We do not accept responsibility for any death, personal injury or loss of or damage to property other than to the extent that it results from our negligence.

  • We treat as a priority the safety and wellbeing of all student attending our courses. We therefore reserve the right to remove from our courses, without refund, any participant who is found bullying, behaving in a way that may be a danger to others or who is generally disruptive.

  • Places on all courses are limited. They will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

  • In order for our coaching staff to gain the full attention of your child during the coaching course, parents and guardians are asked not to contribute to the sessions other than general encouragement. We reserve the right to ask any disruptive parents / guardians to leave the vicinity of the course.

  • Video/photographic analysis may be used during the course.

  • All complaints should be made in writing to: Rising Talent Cricket Association .

  • The Individual agrees to retain this information as confidential and not to use the information on his or on her own behalf or disclose the same to any third party.

Rising Talent Cricket Association